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Care for your yard with lawn maintenance services from Real Organic Solutions, Corp. in Long Branch, New Jersey. Our company offers an onsite consultation to determine your project’s needs. In addition, new customers receive a free estimate for services.

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Work with a company that offers guarantees and warranties on all scheduled services. Let us prepare your lawn for spring or fall. Our company offers a wide variety of services to keep your property looking its very best, including:

Welcome to the Real Organic Solutions Corp. program selections menu. All programs listed below can be adapted to enhance varied landscapes and lawns.  Each program`s  cost is computed based on the specifics of the individual property, materials, application techniques, and labor, which is in addition to the initial soil testing and property evaluation and custom project design if requested.  

Soil Test and property evaluation is a flat rate of $150.00 for both residential or commercial properties. Soil testing is used to determine which type of materials to use for recovery and care of  landscapes.  Evaluation combines the results of the soil testing with weed and insect identification to determine program methodology during the normal March to December treatment season.

Program # 1

75% Organic -    *Lawn care nutrients (fertilizers), 9 applications per season or as many needed from the evaluation date.

                             *Lawn weed control, 3 to 5 applications per season using        low impact materials.

                             *Insect control, 2 to 4 applications pers season.

                             * Weed and insect control allows for one recovery application using synthetic materials.

Program # 2

100% Organic -   *Lawn care nutrients (fertilizer) 9 applications per season.

                              *Lawn weed control, applications every six to eight weeks using low impact non-synthetic materials.

                              *Optionally, lawn weed removal can be done by using     hand tools, on a weekly basis. 

                              *Lawn insect conrol, 3 to 6 applications using non-synthetic products.

                              *Biological treatment for insect control as preventive measures in non-infected areas.

Program # 3

100% Synthetic -  *Lawn care nutrients (fertilizer) 6 applications per season.

                               *Lawn weed control, 2 to 4 applications per season.

                               *Lawn insect control 1 to 2 applications per season.

Program # 4

100% Organic- *Shrub and tree application (1) following the movement of soil at the base to increase aeration and contain the flow of 

 water  and nutrients to the root systems.

Program # 5

100% Organic - *Shrub and tree care, 4 to 6 nutrient (fertilizer) applications per season.  An advanced option to compliment Program # 

 4, in an effort to strengthen systems against flucuating weather conditions such as  periods of drought or extreme cold.

Program # 6

75% Organic - *Shrub and tree care, utilizing insect control and prevention techniques as needed to recover and maintain health of the 


Program # 7

Landscaping - *Design and installation, maintenance of regular lawn cutting by sub-contract or selection by client.

Organic land care is a holistic approach to landscaping, that reduces the use of synthetic chemicals  often utilized in pesticides and ferti-

lizers.  Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA), provides guidelines for creating optimal treatment plans when converting from the ¨high synthetic¨ care to organic.  Real Organic Solutions, Corp. adheres to the guidelines of NOFA.

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